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Land is in limited supply! As has been said before, they're not making any more of it!

If you're looking for a great price on beautiful acreage to build a home, to keep as an
investment, or to use for recreation, you've come to the right place. We have a variety
of parcels with spectacular views, trees, ponds, and excellent locations for whatever you
want. Excellent values on property like you would find at a land auction.

From mountain property to ranch land to small buildable lots, we have beautiful land
at the very best prices. Acreages with ponds and close to lakes and public lands are in
especially high demand and we have them here. Affordable real estate near ski areas
and national forest are hard to find, but we have it. Recreational lands such as hunting
property and wide open spaces near great public fishing are available. Heavily treed
land that you can barely walk through, lots with excellent views, parcels with phone
and electrical power on site, and property with abundant wildlife are for sale.



The old saying stands true. If you are looking to buy for a land investment to appreciate
in value over time, purchase a parcel in an area that hasn't already skyrocketed. Consider
the likelihood of future development, or an attraction that will cause the demand for a
parcel to rise. Evaluate the prospects for the land to be desirable to buyers in the future.
Examples would be property next to National Forest, near a lake, on an oceanfront, short
driving distance to a ski resort, or close to a large city. Bargain land can be found if
you know where to look.

Land rarely drops in value unless there is some extreme negative event in the vacinity of it,
especially since there is an absolutely finite quantity of it.


Would you rather gaze out your window and see a brick wall or parking lot, or would you
prefer a snow-capped mountain or crystal blue lake and pine forest? Put this on your
list of qualities to look for when shopping for property. Stand on the property and just
take a look around. If you like what you see, others may also, and if you're going to
build there, you'll be happier if your surroundings are pleasant.


Make sure you can get to your property. If you want a place that's far out of the way
and private, that's fine, but be comfortable with the route that you will need to take
to get to it. Think about what the roads will be like in the winter, under icy conditions,
etc. Be certain that your property has a guaranteed road or easement to it.


Many of the home sites with the very best of views are that way because they are on the
side of a hill or mountain and have nothing in the way obstructing them. But consider
whether the lot may be too steep to build upon! Just about anything is possible in the
construction of a home, but the expense and consequences of locating on a steep hill or
near-cliff could be prohibitive. Property that is borderline on unbuildable because of the
terrain, can be nearly worthless. If you're looking for some real cheap real estate, go out
and find a listing of land for sale where this is the case and the seller may be ready to
give it away because its usefulness is limited. Always look for at least one flat site
large enough to build upon.


Now this can vary from state to state and location to location, but for instance in
Colorado, land that's nicely forested with pine can sell for twice as much as a parcel
of bare ground. At least some trees/bushes will normally increase the property value
considerably. Generally, a few scattered mature trees will improve it's value as compared
to an open bare lot. An exception might be farm land, which may benefit from a shelter-
belt to minimize erosion, but normally bare dirt is more productive and valuable.


In a place like Colorado, if you have a stream or pond or are lucky enough to be located
on the edge of a lake, you have something very special. Unlike Minnesota, and some other
mid-west states, in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and other locales where the climate is drier,
these are rare and in high demand. Here, having a full-time stream or pond can as much
as double the value of a property. However, having too much water can be a real problem,
and potential flood possibilities in wet years should be anticipated. Also, there may be
restrictions to building upon wetland areas.


Feeding the world is getting to be a more and more challenging endeavor with the
number of people world-wide continually increasing. If you study the values of farm
acreages, you're likely to find that the crops that can be grown on it will determine
it's demand and price per acre. In the long run, food is bound to be more expensive
and the land to grow it should follow. Rainfall and climate as well as the fertility
of the soil are major factors in determining value of farm land.


If you are looking at a parcel in a rural setting, think about the distance to power and
phone lines. Also consider the water source such as a well and whether a septic system
will be allowed and required. Often solar or wind generators can be an alternative to
public electrical service, but you should check into the viability of those options. In
Colorado, solar generators normally work well because there are many sunny days
throughout the year. A benefit is avoiding monthly utility bills. All of the residents
that this author has spoken with who have solar or wind generators were thrilled with


Unlike many other types of investments, land will always be there! You can always
count on your property to survive the worst of economic downturns. Where else can
you put your money and know that it won't be gone tomorrow. Even homes can and
will eventually deteriorate over time. The two keys to investing in land over the long
term are to buy at a low price, and to reduce your holding costs. Examples of these
costs are property taxes and property owners association fees, which will vary greatly
depending upon the area and the individual land property. Picking locations without
association fees or with voluntary fees can help to minimize the cost of keeping your
land investment. In some states, certain types of land have very low property taxes,
such as is often true of agricultural or ranch land.


What you can do with your land will vary greatly depending upon state law, county rules,
and covenants/deed restrictions. It's amazing how the regulations from one county to
another can be so different. Minimum square footages for a home, the acreage size
necessary to have a well for water, whether you can camp on your property, and many
other questions need to be considered when buying a property. Owners associations which
may be present, and their limitations are also a factor that can affect whether or not the
land can be used for its intended purpose.

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